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Monitor and manage access to your property from anywhere.


Schedule access remotely


Give guests temporary access codes


Integrate with booking channels


Get notified when guests unlock your door


Eliminate the hassle of key exchange & losses

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Multi-Channel Integration

RemoteLock is integrated directly with Airbnb and HomeAway to manage access with bookings, and 1000s of vacation rental owners use this feature. RemoteLock also allows you to integrate access control into channel management software like Beds24. Get up and running quickly with RemoteLock API.

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Grant Controlled Access

As a property owner or manager, you need to always know what’s happening on your property. Locks are meant to give you control, and unlike traditional locks, RemoteLock allows you to give temporary access codes to guests & vendors and get notified via email or SMS anytime they use the door. You can even withdraw access whenever you want.

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The Best Guest Experience

Guests love the cool, connected experience that RemoteLock offers. Once installed, all you need is to login from anywhere, create access codes and access periods for specific guests, and then share. There’s no point in putting your guests through the stress of finding a key box or key collection location. All they need to check in is a RemoteLock code.

Exterior Entry

Interior Doors


Garage Entry

Control for Every Door

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+Manage access to All doors on your property—including internal and entrance doors.

+On your RemoteLock dashboard, you can provide or withdraw access to multiple doors with just a few clicks. You can scale from securing just one door to securing hundreds of doors.

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RemoteLock Connect: Your Cloud-Based Access Control Dashboard

Manage a single lock or 1000s across multiple properties through a user-friendly dashboard.

  • Automatically create access for bookings by connecting with Airbnb, HomeAway, and tons of other listing sites.

  • Always know what’s happening on your property with real-time notifications, lock health alerts, and searchable event history.

Select the right smart lock for

your short-term rentals

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