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Why Helot Company?

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What we do

Helot Company embodies the new-age hospitality management solutions. We blend traditional management systems with modern, digital trends like gig & sharing economies, financial technology, and interactive communication to help entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry manage uncertainties and operate sustainably in the ever-changing business landscape.

We help hospitality businesses achieve high-quality performance in both hospitality and business.


Who we are

Helot Company is led by a new generation of professionals, all of whom have backgrounds in operations, Customer Support, finance, business management, and marketing. The team works to create and improve everything essential to the success of your business.


How we help

We deliver practical and relevant experience helping clients with the small details of day-to-day business operations, as well as major projects involving growth and expansion, performance optimization, and enterprise value enhancement.


Who we serve

We serve you. Wherever you are in the hospitality industry, we are here to serve you.


What we do

We help hospitality businesses with the challenges of the industry and their individual businesses so they can find, size, and seize the greatest opportunities for them.

What makes us different?


“To stand out in the property market, you just need to do a few things others aren't willing to do.”

What type of services do you need?

Property Management Services

Restaurant Management Services

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